Jerico is set in the town of Piney Woods, Mississippi where the writer, Brandon Lewis, attended high school at the The Piney Woods School. Piney Woods is an African American Christian Boarding school stared in 1909 to educate the children of former slaves.  Brandon credits his passion for writing to a special professor, who took interest in his potential during his high school years at the school.


Jerico is in many ways a tribute to the Piney Woods School and its mission.  A scene from the film was shot on the historic campus and several Piney Woods Alumni and faculty appear in Jerico, or have contributed to its making. A school that was started over 100 years ago, now continues its mission in providing an education to African Americans that is second to none. Piney Woods graduates 99% of its students and is an exceptional academic model we are proud to showcase in Jerico and support.


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Brandon Lewis

1996 Piney Woods Alum

(L-R) Roosevelt Sias, Daniel Watkins, Seckeita Lewis, Brandon Lewis, Mildred Parker and President Will Crossley on the set of Jerico at the Piney Woods School in the historic Rock Garden



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