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Jerico  is the story of best friends who set out on a dangerous, but comedic journey that challenges the restrictions of a Jim Crow South to fulfill their dreams. It is set in Mississippi, primarily in 1964 on the morning of the signing of the civil rights act. ¬†Our stars, Jerico and Jarvis, are just trying to make it to work, but as you'll soon find out, that's a lot easier said than done.


There is danger, there is love, there is a message and there are BIG laughs. Our goal with the film is to use humor to open up lines of communication about race and intolerance.  Without communication, we can't make progress. Now is the time!


Jerico stars the legendary Irma P. Hall, iconic Comedian George Wallace, JoMarie Payton from Family Matters, Gregg Daniel from HBO's True Blood  and True Detective and Numa Perrier from Black and Sexy TV.


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